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The Bed Rug

It’s time for something a bit different, and tough. We’ve seen everything thrown in the back of truck beds to protect them. Do-it-yourself bedliners, drop-in plastic bedliners, professionally installed bedliners, bed mats, and the list goes on. They all seem to have their flaws in someway or another. Some are tougher than nails but don’t dare kneel on them without kneepads. Some are stylish but won’t last up to abuse. Others are made of tough plastic but retain water underneath, promoting corrosion and rust. Here’s a new and really cool bed liner that not only looks absolutely fabulous but the manufacturer claims it to be “tougher than your truck.” Not only that, but it’s actually comfortable! Now I know your thinking “comfortable? Is this guy loopy?” The Bed Rug is comfortable, really. It’s a polyester carpet with thick and strong padding underneath. Soft enough to take a nap on, yet durable enough to stand up to oil, grease, bleach, mud, wood, steel, tools, boxes, lumber and more.

the bed rug The foam pad lines the walls and floor and are made from closed-cell, cross linked, polyethylene foam which is impervious to water, organic-compounds, chemical products, petroleum products and all acids. The carpet consists or 15 oz. non-woven polyester, mildew resistant fibers that are flame bonded to the foam pad. The floor and sides are molded to match the floor ribbing, the sidewalls and bulkhead and are a perfect fit. The entire Bed Rug is held in place with industrial strength hook and loop fasteners, which can be removed without any damage to the paint. Lastly, the sidewall/bulkhead section and the floor section are mated together with high quality zippers that are almost completely hidden once installed.

The Bed Rug has been installed in our 2000 F250 for over a month now and we’ve thrown just about everything at it from tires and rims, lumber, a go-kart, a 4- wheel drive quad and much more. Grease and oil come off with a bit of soapy water and a sponge, dirt vacuums right out and it still looks fabulous. Sand is particularly hard to get out of the bed rug but the manufacturer claims that the entire set can be taken out and washed. The lumber did tend to snag the carpet a bit but if your careful it won’t tear it. the bed rug

The Bed Rug isn’t designed to replace a heavy-duty bedliner that sees industrial use, but is made to add class and functionality to your truck. The Bed Rug company also makes Bed Rugs for the inside of sport utility vehicles. The bottom line; if you’re in the market to add some protection to the bed of your truck or inside of your SUV and want to add great looks and durability, then look no further to the Bed Rug.


Bed Rug, Inc.
635 Old Hickory Blvd.
P. O. Box 149
Old Hickory, TN 37138
800 462-8435
615 847-2919
Fax: 615 847-2425
Web Site: http://www.bedrug.com

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