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The Girls of SEMA – 2008

The Girls of SEMA - 2008

The annual SEMA convention presents the single most comprehensive collection of 4X4 accessories in the free world.  From driving lights to differentials, and every part in between, SEMA is the place to go to see the latest and greatest off-road goodies.

This is the pitch we give our wives before we head out the door on our way to SEMA, but we can’t lie to our readers.  Yes, there is another reason we go to Las Vegas each year and brave the overwhelming crowds, overweight Elvis impersonators and overpriced food – it’s the eye-candy. 

We would like to thank all of the vendors at SEMA who understand that to effectively market transfer cases and tonneau covers you can’t underestimate the importance of scantily-clad hotties and off-duty strippers.

So without further adieu…

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