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The Girls of SEMA



Just about every year, the editors of 4X4REVIEW pack their bags and head to the SEMA and the SEMA Off-Road show. Our purpose is simple, find exciting and new products that you, our readers, may find worthwhile to bolt, glue, screw or strap to your rig.

However, much to our wives chagrin, we find that our cameras mysteriously end up snapping off a few choice pics of the models and ladies that adorn the SEMA shows. It’s not our fault, really. We try and take pictures of products, but those pesky SEMA girls just happen to stand in front of the very items we’re trying to take pictures of!

This year, our uncontrollable, hormone-deficient cameras went the extra mile, and we found hundreds of pictures of those scantily clad, oh-so beautiful models on our cameras… weird. As such, we thought that you might like to see how hard we work. Below, you will find pictures of those lovely SEMA ladies from this year, and years past.

So, we won’t bore you with our editorial blathering, we’ll just get right to those pictures of the SEMA models… enjoy!

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