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The Liquid Caddy® – Keeping your cool one safe

Liquid Caddy

 “Houston, we have gimbal lock”… Not something you’d want to hear or experience, especially with a cold one (or above all a hot one) between your legs while driving your rig, your ATV, your bike, your boat, your golf cart or any other motorized vehicle. The Liquid Caddy is a gimbaled cup holder with a twist – literally, as you’ll read below – that’s sole purpose is to keep your drink safe while in motion.

The Liquid Caddy beverage holder is designed to attach almost anywhere, and as the name implies, it will carry a variety of beverages for the thirsty consumer. The Liquid Caddy claims to be the first and only gimbaled and adjustable beverage holder. Just pull and twist the bottom of the cup holder and it will increase in length and at the same time automatically adjust its inner diameter. Don’t worry about “spillage”, the gimbaled action will always keep a beverage upright. Neoprene, inside the holder insulates any beverage to keep it at its proper temperature.

The Liquid Caddy also comes with a variety of easily changeable mounting accessories which include; a Velcro® strap for small and large diameter tubes, a triple suction cup mount and a clip mount. At $14.99 each (at time of publishing), they’re a real bargain.

The liquid caddy will hold a variety
of sizes of beverages.

The unique twist to tighten and telescoping
features are what sets the Liquid Caddy apart
from other beverage holders.

Go ahead, articulate your rig anyway you’d like. The gimbaled action of the Liquid Caddy will rotate in mutiple axis.

Shown is the triple suction cup mount. These are large, thick suction cups that should stay secure under the most extreme situations.

Notice the neoprene® insert to help stabilize, cushion, and thermally protect your beverage.

Shown are the three optional mounting attachments; The suction cup mount, the velcro® mount and the clip mount.

Changing mounts is a piece of cake. Simply screw on the attachment and you’re ready to rock and roll, even though your drink won’t.

The Liquid Caddy can be mounted on both horizontal and vertical (shown) positions.

The Liquid Caddy comes in a variety of colors; white (shown), black. blue, green and red.
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Website: www.liquidcaddy.com

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