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The Source, Compressed Air System

The Source compressed air systemThere are a few mandatory items that any off-roader should never leave home without, including safety items such as a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and vehicle recovery items like a tow strap, jack, tools, and spare parts. One item many people seem to leave off the list is a compressed air source. Many people carry a spare tire, which makes compressed air less of a requirement, but Murphy’s law eventually catches up to us.


Case in point, a few years back, the boss and I went out for an evening ride to test a few new products in his ’74 Land Cruiser. Our “quick trip” turned into a night-long disaster after we punctured two tires in succession. We had a spare to take care of the first flat, and a tire repair kit for the second one, but our compressed air was loaned out to a buddy, it was 3 a.m. and nobody was answering their phones to come help us. Needless to say, we destroyed a tire driving home on the flat, and turned our two-hour night run into an all-evening mess.


The Source compressed air system Enter The Source Air System from Cramer Decker Industries. This self contained gem can mean the difference between limping home on a rim-damaging flat, or cruising home in no time flat (pun intended) on a fully inflated tire. The Source Air system ships as a complete set with a 10lb tank, heavy duty mounting bracket, large easy-to-read liquid-filled gauges, adjustable regulator, fixed 150 psi regulator, bottle protector, bottle boot, flex air hose with air chuck, and a heavy-duty, powder-coated aluminum carrying handle. The Source Air System mounts easily, is simple to use, and can inflate a 35″ tire from 0 to 30 psi in 56 seconds and a 33″ from 0 to 30 psi in 45 seconds flat (ok, enough of the puns). A full bottle has the capacity to inflate over 30 tires.


The Source Air System can do more than just air up tires though. It makes the whole tire changing ordeal easier, since it can also run various air powered tools, including an impact gun, which will free up those stubborn lug nuts.


The Source compressed air system The Source Air System is a high powered – high energy CO2 air system. CO2 is filled as a liquid and evaporates to gas through the regulator and out the hose to the tire. As more gas is consumed, more liquid evaporates into a gaseous state, thereby generating consistent pressure. One word of warning; CO2 is very cold when it is converted from liquid to gas, not dangerously so, but it will frost the regulator, and with prolonged use, will frost an air tool as well. We ran our impact gun non-stop The Source compressed air system for two minutes, but the frost never affected its operation, nor did we get a drop in pressure or have to wait for an air compressor to catch up. If you need to run air tools for a prolonged period though, we would suggest you wear gloves.


The greatest advantage the Source has over fixed mount compressors is its portability. You can assist stranded 4-wheelers without having to drive your vehicle to them – simply remove The Source from its mounting bracket and take it to the vehicle in need. It can be used anywhere an air source is needed – on the trail, around the shop, even around the house – just pick it up and go.


The Source Air tank is shipped empty but can be filled at any local welding supply company for around $20.00. We have used it extensively for almost a month and not had to refill it. If you are looking for an air solution for you’re off road vehicle that is lightweight, extremely versatile, affordable, and a real powerhouse, look no further than the Source Air System.

The Source
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Santa Ana, CA 92705
Toll free: 800.752.4579
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Web: www.offroadair.net

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