Tuffy Product’s Rear Cargo Security Drawer

Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer

Thievery sucks.
It wasn’t too long ago when it happened. I was out wheeling on one of my favorite trails and decided to do some adventuring on foot. I had secured my plastic tote boxes in the usual way – via several tie-down straps with tools, spare parts and other goodies stashed safely inside – or so I thought. Upon return from my short getting-to-be-one-with-nature hike, I found a hundred dollars or so worth of tools and spare parts stolen from my rig and all of my plastic tote boxes spread out on the ground in a not-so-neat fashion. At this point I vowed never to let that happen again. I thought of ways to booby-trap my rig with explosives, barbed wire and electrical shock devices, but that wouldn’t be practical. Instead, we called our friends at Tuffy Products and sought their advice.

Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer The solution to my previous pilfering problem was Tuffy’s 8″ rear cargo security drawer. This security drawer measures 30″ long, 35 3/8″ wide and 8″ high, giving it a total volume capacity of 7,700 cubic inches of storage space – certainly large enough to hold an abundance of tools, spare parts, and just about anything else you need for your trip.

The Tuffy security drawer is made from 16-guage steel, has a durable semi-flat black powder coat finish, weatherproof and welded construction, and reinforced lips to make the box plenty strong. The locking mechanism is Tuffy’s patent-pending Pry-Guard II system with a super-thick 11-guage steel assembly, replete with an anti-twist push-button lock. The lock itself is a secure 10-tumbler, double-bitted unit containing built-in weather seals.

The drawer unit, also made from 16-gauge steel and powder coated, glides effortlessly on a double-roller bearing drawer slides, and is designed to hold up to 300 pounds if it’s distributed evenly. Let me say that again – the drawer is designed to hold up to 300 pounds!



Installation of the Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer hardly deserves a mention because it was so easy. We had our drawer installed within 20 minutes.

Simply place the drawer in the back of your rig, mark the location of the four mounting holes and drill through the floor. Reposition the drawer over the holes you’ve just drilled, drop in the grade-8, anodized bolts and torque them down.


Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer Installation
Time: 20 Minutes
Tools Needed: Drill, drill bits, ratchet, sockets and wrench
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
Mark and drill the holes in the floorboard of your rig
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
Tighten the grade-8 hardware
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
Here you can see the quality dual-roller channels



We had our Tuffy rear cargo security drawer installed just before we left for the ’06 Easter Jeep Safari. Stuffed to the gills with 218 pounds (we weighed it) of tools, spare parts, extra water and more, the drawer opened effortlessly, even when the rig was off-camber. The weather seals kept all of our goodies dry and clean, even during all-day dirt road trips. Our rig was bounced and jolted around for 6 days straight and all of our bits and pieces were secure and in order each time we opened the drawer. The locking mechanism is easy to use and worked well, and, during our week-long trip to Moab, nothing was stolen.

If you need a place to store a bunch of tools in a safe and secure method, be sure to call the folks at Tuffy Products today.

Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
The Tuffy Rear Cargo Security drawer securely mounted in our project Land Cruiser.
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
Testing the drawer in Moab, UT. As you can see, everything stayed clean and dry.
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
The Pry-Guard II locking mechanism.
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
The weather seal and the 11-guage steel latch.

Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
The roller-bearing drawer slides.
Tuffy Rear Cargo Security Drawer
The box is large enough to hold a plethora of heavy tools, spare parts and more.


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