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Tuffy’s Deluxe Stereo Secuity Console

Tuffy Super Secure Center Console Some things in life lead to you to make decisions faster than you would like. When someone breaks into your Jeep’s center console and steals all of your belongings, you are forced to make a decision on security. If that thief would have left your Jeep alone, that old, cracked, plastic console would have lasted a few more months. Well, now that you’ve been violated like most of the other Jeep owners, its time to buy a super secure console. Enter Tuffy Security Products.

These folks make the strongest, easiest to use, best looking console on the market. After talking to Kelly Gregory from Tuffy at the 98’ SEMA show, I decided to give her a call. She had a console on its way in no time. Our console of choice was a dark grey, 10″ wide Deluxe Stereo Security Console, part#033. Installing this console was a breeze; the instructions are well written and easy to follow. First, as always, check the parts list against what you received to make sure all parts are Tuffy Super Secure Center Console included. The instructions walk you through attaching the mounting bracket, drink holder (front or back), and putting in the hole plugs for the unused cup holder position. Place the console in position, mark the three mounting holes through the bottom and get the drill ready. Before you drill any holes make sure there is nothing in the way underneath that could get damaged by the drill bit. Drill the three 3/8″ holes and fasten down the console with the included hardware. Next, install the seat belt holder straps to side of the console with the seat belts inside. The final step is to install the included neoprene seal on the inside lip to seal your valuables from the elements.

This was an incredibly easy installation and the directions also include a stereo installation portion. Stay tuned, as we will soon be installing a new stereo in the Tuffy console. The Tuffy console proved to be as tough as advertised, with its tubular keyed lock, 16 gauge steel construction, Pry-Guard locking system, continuous steel hinge, Grade 8 mounting hardware, and reinforced lip edges that are almost an 1/8th inch thick. This is one tough console, nothing short of a cutting torch and sledgehammer could get past it! I almost want a thief to try to get in it! Of course I don’t want the great looking powder coating ruined. The armrest is also a great feature made from dense foam and marine grade color matched vinyl. If you want the best in security, convenience, and great looks for the inside of your Jeep or Sport Utility, then look no further than Tuffy Security Products.

Tuffy Products
7049 Kickerville Rd
25733 Road H
Cortez, CO 81321
Phone: (800)348-8339
Local: (970)564-1762
Fax: (970)564-1783
eMail: sales@tuffyproducts.com
Web Site: www.tuffyproducts.com


Description Notes Rating
Ease of Install Took less than 1/2 hour by myself.
Ease of Use With easy to reach stereo opening and barrell lock, it’s snap to open it up and get to what you need fast!
Performance I don’t think this unit will give up even in the distant future.
Durability If they made it any more durable, it would weigh more than my Jeep! Thick steel, continuous hinge, and reinforced lip edges that are almost an 1/8th inch thick and super durable powder coating says it all.
Appearance Good and tough looking all at the same time… should deter a thief.
Drivability N/A N/A
Comfort The dense foam and marine grade color matched vinyl armrest is much more comfortable than the stock plastic unit I had.
Price in comparison to related products A little higher than some of the other units available but MUCH stronger.
Was it worth it??? Every bit of it… as if you couldn’t tell from the article above.
Tools Required Electric drill, 3/8″ drill bit, assorted wrenches and sockets and a scribe.
Editors Notes This unit was a snap to install. Additionally, it’s super tough and provides a WHOLE lot of storage space inside. Well worth the money…JC

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