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Valley Industries Hitch Aligner

Valley Industries Hitch AlignerNot too long ago, during one of our staff meetings, we came up with the idea of creating a “Why didn’t I think of that?” award for certain products we’ve come across and tested. These products must be unique, simple, and provide value. No frills, no bling, and something that people will use and wonder how they lived without it for so long.

Valley Industries, makers of receiver hitches, balls, trailer brakes and more, came up with a product called the hitch aligner, which in my mind definitely makes it into that category. We promptly ordered one.



What is it?

It is the ideal solution for lining up a truck and trailer the first time, every time, without assistance or the annoying hassle of repeatedly getting in and out of the vehicle. Don’t have a spotter? No worries… The hitch aligner kit includes two fluorescent balls mounted on telescoping rods with a heavy-duty magnet base that attaches firmly to any ferrous surface.

Simply place one rod on the hitch and the other on the trailer, using line-of-sight to align the fluorescent balls. When they meet, the trailer is ready to be hitched (use a permanent marker to identify each rod’s exact position on the mast, for future reference). The rods can be extended up to 42″ to achieve an unobstructed view, or collapsed to 13-1/2″ for convenient storage.

But we’ve also found another use for the hitch aligner kit. When you have a flatbed trailer behind a pickup truck, you typically can’t see the trailer because the bed is in the way. We place a hitch aligner on each rear corner of the trailer and voila! We can now see where our trailer is going when we’re backing up into a tight place.

The hitch aligner kit works with all types of hitches, including 5th wheel and gooseneck models. It weighs less than 12 ounces and features a chrome finish to prevent rust.

How’s that for a “why didn’t I think of that?” award?


Valley Industries – Hitch Aligner

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