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Warn Off-Road Lights for your ATV

Warn ATV Lights Off Road lighting is essential to any dusk or evening trips you might make. While most ATV’s come with some sort of headlights, and even though our ’05 Suzuki KingQuad has three, we wanted to fill out the sides and the lower ground area in front of our quad for various reasons.

We called our friends at Suzuki and inquired about our options, and since we had already installed Suzuki’s front and rear bumpers, they suggested their set of Warn ATV Trail lights (part # RE35H). The Warn ATV Trail Lights are created especially for ATVs and have a lens design that achieves a 110-degree beam spread from side to side and 70-degree vertical (35-degrees up and 35-degrees down). The result is a field of illumination wider and higher than factory-installed ATV lights so you can get the whole view while you’re on the move. They also feature 35-watt, battery-saving H3 Halogen bulbs with 400 candlepower, a stamped steel, powder- coated body and glass lens that withstand heat and thermal shock.



Warn ATV Trail Lights Installation

Warn ATV Lights Installation of our Warn ATV Trail lights wasn’t difficult and only took about an hour, but the kit did have its issues. Some of the mounting bolts were too long and needed to be cut down, the glass lens of the lights come in direct contact with the bumper bar (for which they are made for) and the switch had no means to mount it so we had to make our own mounting bracket. But in no way should you be dissuaded because of this. All of these problems were easily overcome within 20 minutes or so of small modifications and alterations. The installation itself is really a 3-step process. Mount the lights, mount the switch, and run the wiring. 60 minutes and you’re out on the trail.

Warn ATV Lights Installation
Warn ATV Lights
The Warn ATV Lights Kit
Warn ATV Lights
Note the mounting tabs already installed on the Suzuki front bumper
Warn ATV Lights
We had to cut down several bolts so that they would clear the light brackets

Mounting the lights on the bumper tabs
Warn ATV Lights
Note how the light comes in contact with the bumper tube
Warn ATV Lights
Mounting the switch (note: the Warn ATV Light kit does NOT come with a mounting bracket for the switch, so you’ll have to make your own)
Warn ATV LIghts
Wiring the lights
Warn ATV Lights
Warn ATV Lights Warn ATV Lights



The Verdict

So how do they perform?
In short, I like them a lot. When we’re off the beaten path during a night excursion, I can flip on the lower lights and can see everything I need quite easily. They provide a very wide beam of light side to side and illuminate up and down equally as well, and they are VERY bright.

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