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Warn’s Ford Super Duty Light Bar

The quality you’ve come to expect in Warn products over the years carries on in all of their new products. We recently had the opportunity to review their new light bar system for Ford Super Duty trucks. Follow along below for the installation and notes about their new product.

Installation was a total snap and took all of 20 minutes to get the entire bar mounted, along with the lights even with one person. Simply remove the four front bumper bolts (two at a time) and bolt the right-angle bracket in its place. Make sure the bolts stay loose enough to be moved a bit but keep them snug. Repeat for the opposite side.

Once this is done you can position the light bar in place adjacent to the right-angle brackets and bolt them loosely into place as well. With this accomplished, check the loaction of the vehicles bumper as it may tend to move a bit. Once everything is in place and aligned, tighten the bolts.
That’s it! You’re done!

Once our light bar was in place we mounted some auxillary, off-road lights. Align your lights and wire accordingly and you’re now ready to head off-road in the darket of dark with your off-road lights securely in place.

Warn recommends that this bar shouldn’t be used for pushing or pulling loads but nevertheless this bar is well made with top quality materials and fine workmanship. There’s a typical, high-quality Warn product for ya…

Warn Industries
Warn Industries, Inc.
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