Will New Mexico’s Chile Canyon Trails Be Closed ?

The BLM team working on the Trackways National Monument near Las Cruces has released a preliminary set of alternatives and presented them at a workshop for public review. THEY ARE HORRIBLE! All of the alternatives eliminate three of the Chile Challenge Trails. This is in spite of repeated promises by the BLM that the ‘protection’ for the Trackways wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of the Chile Canyon Trails system. It is highly important that the motorized community band together and bombard the Las Cruces BLM office with comments telling them how important these nationally famous 4WD routes are to us. The deadline for comments on these preliminary alternatives is October 15th.
The address is:

Bureau of Land Management
Attn: Lori Allen
Las Cruces District Office
1800 Marquess Street
Las Cruces, NM 88005

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