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Wise Industries Bedrug

When our Editor in Chief first told me about the BedRug he was installing in his Super Duty, I told him he was nuts – “that thing will be ruined in a week” I retorted. I was sure there was no carpet you could put in the bed of a truck that would survive the kind of abuse we would put it through. Well, I was wrong! (note from editor: I had to bribe Jody to admit to this) After loading lumber, cinder blocks, old engines, a few Toyota housings, and countless other oddball items, the BedRug still looked great.

After we took proud ownership of our new Dodge Heavy Duty, we placed a quick call to our buddies at Wise Industries, Inc to get a BedRug, and shortly after I was installing it in the bed of our truck. Not only does the BedRug look great, but it will stand up to just about any thing I can throw at, in, or on it. The BedRug has several distinct advantages over traditional liners. First, it is not carpet. It is a woven plastic fiber that is impervious to acids, solvents, chemical compounds, and petroleum products. The molded closed-cell foam support base will not absorb liquids of any kind either. The BedRug is non-skid and has enough padding to support fragile items, yet it is tough enough to withstand abuse from heavy items. When the BedRug does get dirty, it can be easily cleaned with simple detergent soap and a garden hose. It dries quickly and does not retain odors.

 Because it’s padded, it turns the bed of any truck into a great place to sleep or lounge while camping or enjoying outdoor events. After a lot of use and some abuse, I am a firm believer in the quality and durability of the BedRug.



The BedRug comes with easy-to-follow instructions, and can be installed by one person in about an hour. The BedRug arrives as two separate pieces, the molded floor section, and the pre-molded wall section of the truck. These two pieces are attached with an industrial strength zipper. Once zipped together, the BedRug is held in place with super strength Velcro. Simply peel the adhesive backing from the Velcro and match it up to the pre-stitched strips on the liner and that’s it.


Wise Industries, Inc.
635 Old Hickory Blvd.
P.O. Box 149
Old Hickory, TN 37138
Phone: 1-800-462-8435
Fax:FAX 615-847-2425
Email: sales@wiseindustries.com
Website: www.bedrug.com

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