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Low Cost Meets High Quality dB Exhaust

dB Performance Exhaust

I’ve heard it said before, that wheels make the car. I couldn’t disagree more – I have always believed that a sweet exhaust note surpasses all other senses that a human can soak in, while admiring a fine piece of automotive machinery. Sure, the new-car smell is awesome. The feel of great bucket seats are great. The sight of a recently washed and waxed truck might do it for you. But it’s hard to argue – the deep rumble of a well-built exhaust can send chills down your spine.

During the 2010 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV, we met up with our friends from Corsa Performance. There, they were debuting their new dB Performance line of cost-effective exhaust systems. The dB line of performance exhaust systems from Corsa provide a lower cost-of-entry exhaust system for many vehicles (cars, trucks, SUV’s and more), while still utilizing high-quality components in their systems. Every dB exhaust system uses stainless steel materials, polished stainless steel tips, straight-through, no-drone mufflers, and it’s all handcrafted right here in the good ol’ USA. Each dB system also comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

dB doesn’t stop there though, every exhaust system utilizes a patented non-restrictive, straight-through muffler design system that reduces back pressure and frees up more power. In fact, every dB (and Corsa) exhaust system can have a billiard ball rolled from the start all the way out the tip of the exhaust and never get stuck.

Being intrigued, we ordered up and installed a dB Performance, cat-back exhaust system (part # 24904) on our 2009 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 6.0 liter V8 engine test rig.


Installation – dB Performance Exhaust on Silverado Truck
Time: 2.5 hours 
Tools Needed: Tape measure, Black marking pen, 13mm, 15mm socket and ratchet, Chain style pipe cutter / hacksaw / reciprocating saw, Grommet pullers (optional), Soapy water or WD40, Safety glasses,  Torque Wrench.



dB Performance ExhaustStart by inspecting the kit and all of it’s contents, ensuring that all parts are supplied.
dB Performance ExhaustWhen we first received our dB Performance Exhaust system, we made a cardinal error – we didn’t check the kit to ensure all of the components were correct. After we cut out our old exhaust system and tried to install the new dB system, we found that dB supplied the wrong head pipe (it was too short). As such, we had to weld the old system back together and call dB to get a replacement (which showed up in just a few days)..
dB Performance ExhaustWe began our installation by rolling it onto a 4-post lift (although, you can do this while the vehicle is on the ground) at Midlife Classics restoration center, setting the parking brake and chocking the tires. We also lowered the spare tire to make room for removing the exhaust
dB Performance ExhaustNext, we measured 12” from the front of the face of the stock muffler, towards the front of the truck and placed a mark on the exhaust pipe with a marker. Then, cut the stock exhaust pipe using a chain style pipe cutter, hacksaw or reciprocating saw (we used the latter). 
dB Performance ExhaustRemove exhaust system hangers located nearest the back of the muffler, near the spare tire and ahead of the muffler (we pre-soaked our rubber muffler hangers with WD40, which made removal easier). Let the exhaust system rest on top of the rear axle.
dB Performance ExhaustUsing a 13 mm socket, loosen the spherical clamp just behind the catalytic converter and remove the factory headpipe. 
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustRemove the muffler and rear tailpipe section from the vehicle by lifting it over the rear axle and towards the front of the vehicle.
NOTE: We found it easier to cut off the rear section of the stock exhaust after the muffler. Your stock exhaust system should now be completely removed.
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustInstallation is started by installing the dB headpipe and sliding it over the factory spherical joint. Install this finger tight (just tight enough that it can rotate, but not come off), then insert the rear headpipe hanger into the factory hanger grommet. 
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustNext, grab the dB muffler (make sure the small weeping hole is pointing toward the ground), slide it onto the head pipe and install the supplied 3” muffler clamp and tighten it a bit more than finger tight.
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustGrab the dB tail pipe section, slide a supplied 3” clamp over the muffler-side, and then slide the tail pipe section into the muffler. Snuggly tighten the clamp and then insert the hangers into the factory rubber grommets.  
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustGrab the polished dB Performance straight tip and slide it over the end of the tailpipe. Rotate it so that the dB Performance logo is centered on the top of the tip and loosely tighten the clamp.  
dB Performance ExhaustdB Performance ExhaustNext, go back to all of your connection points (clamps and spherical joints) and tighten them to the torque settings described in the instructions.
NOTE: You should re-torque these bolts after road testing the vehicle, once it has cooled down. 


Video Review of dB Performance Exhaust

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